Opening Truck / Deal / Gun fight scene SELECTS

(DRONE would help with scope for all of these)

1. Wat ARUN


- incredible temple complex on the river front, we can do the fight all around the various corners and areas. 

- opposite the King's Palace on the opposite riverbank


We can't use blanks on the temple ground, any muzzle flashes will have to be in post

- scaffolding - may not be able to bring it down, we're finding out  (DO YOU GUYS EVEN CARE? I (Elan), THINK ITS KIND OF INTERESTING ...)

- small truck entrance and path only - truck couldn't be much bigger than a small cube truck

2 - Wat Kalyanamit


- largest riverfront temple complex after Wat Arun on the riverfront

- looks more 'Bangkok' than the Naval HQ

- all the cars/trucks out front in the pics can be moved

- easy large truck access

- Can use BLANKS (PENDING ABBOTS's APPROVAL, they've done it before, but its not 100%)


- does have some reconstruction going on - although this gives an authentic feel we'd have to ask for quiet work to be carried out the day of the shoot or otherwise shoot on a Sunday.

- no temples or real skyline to be seen on the opposite banks, although the boats on the river also give a very 'Thai' feel to the location.

3 - Thai Naval Headquarters

- very accessible - easy large truck access

- riverfront view has the King's Palace on the opposite bank and Wat Arun to the East

- has weather contingency cover out the front


- can't remove black and white mourning decorations on the wharf

- though we can cover the shrine/photo up with trees in large tubs for the shoot day

- doesn't really as much very Thai / Bangkok

- can't use blanks or gunfire, as its across the river from Kings palace

Street Chase - both foot and truck

1 - Streets of Chinatown


- can shoot nearly anywhere we like provided the Director can go out and scout the exact locations 3 days prior to shoot

- would have the support of police for a motorbike motorcade down the Chinatown main street for any truck shots we'd like to achieve

- would have the support of police for a motorbike motorcade down other Chinatown streets for any truck shot involving the running board fight (can discuss further how to do stunt with doubles and hero)

- lots of signage

- tons of roads and alleyways with slow traffic for safe running scenes and large, wider streets for truck drive-by's


- need the director in a few days early to list specific street locations they'd prefer

- can't shoot here on weekends - the streets are too busy

2 - Thannon Khao San

- for shooting wider streets with the truck fight


- wider street than most market streets

- not as much motor traffic as China town for repeat drive throughs

- not too busy before 5pm, which is when it starts to become street markets with all the stalls etc

- just 15 minutes from Chinatown streets.

3 - Remote Market Streets

- are only 25 mins from the Old Rice Mill location

- are VERY controllable with little vehicle traffic for safety if we wanted to shoot the truck/running board fight here


- is about 90-100 mins out from town

Smugglers Hideout OPTIONS

Old Rice Mill


- looks GREAT

- out in the middle of rice fields


- is 1.5 hr drive out of Bangkok, but given the lighter page count we could absolutely make this work

Temple 3 - Gated Hideout


- it's near the town center

- it's tucked away on some smaller backstreets

- it's on the riverfront for extra wow factor and for Shepherd to arrive by a smaller longboat if we wanted

- lots of interesting smaller streets around there for if she's arriving by foot.


- it's the local temple Abbot's home residence - they've filmed here before but need his permission and need to submit the script for his approval - which they can't guarantee.


Large Barges

- very cumbersome and difficult to maneuver on the river

- the barges are not actually self powered but towed by tugs

Rice Barge

- could be a good, smaller alternative if we're able to double the weapon crate under a tarpaulin with Shepherd standing next to it (signage obviously covered)

Traditional Thai Long Boat

- could be a good, smaller alternative if we're able to double the weapon crate under a tarpaulin with Shepherd sitting next to it.